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ADIS 16475 shows modulation with 100 sec period when excitated with harmonic oscillation of larger than 1.05 g


we use ADIS16475-2 and have strong problems under vibration.

Therefore we tested it on a shaker at 0.95 g, 1.05g and 3 g at 10 Hz, 100 Hz and 250 Hz. Up to 0.95 g the accelerometers work as expected.

For 1.05 g or higher, there appears a modulation on the accelerometers and gyros with 100 s period. This is independant on the excitation amplitude or frequency. It seems that the sensor adds this modulation as soon as 1 g excitation is exceeded.

Also filtering will not help - the amplitude becomes smaller, but same behavior. So it is not an aliasing issure, especially because it also happens at 10 Hz excitation.

We tested the same setup with ADIS 16465 without any problem. The behavior is repeatable on all (5) tested units. Unfortunately.

Attached is a filgure with ADIS 16475. 

I guess that the sensor detects excitation larger than 1 g and performrs internally something terrible... (?)

Need yur help because this effect might be otherwise a show stopper for a larger project in automotive testing.