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ADIS16210 + ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ + EVAL-ADIS-FX3 : iSensorFX3Eval reading only zeros

I am trying to connect to the ADIS16210 inclinometer using the FX3 Eval board (EVAL-ADIS-FX3) with a ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ breakout between the two. Power is provided through the USB C cable and the jumper mode is set to USB. Eventually, I plan to integrate this into a labview application using the API, however, for debugging purposes I am trying to read values and communicate with the board using the iSensorFX3Eval software.

I am able to communicate properly with the FX3 (serial number and board info are returned as expected). When I try to read in any values using by selecting in the list or clicking "Read Page", all values return as zero indicating there is some kind of communication problem or something going on. I don't know if the i8ssue is related to the DUT Status Error (No Scratch Register in RegMap) that prevents the read from executing. In the "Pin Access" tab, I am able to turn the DIO1 and DIO2 pins and LEDs on the ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ board on and off. 

After first establishing a connection to the FX3 board in the software, the following LEDs are on:
3.3V Orange (next to external power supply on FX3)

3.3V Green (next to USB in and power selection jumper on FX3)

FX3 Orange (between two sets of header pins on FX3)

DIO2 Orange dim (on FX3)

DIO1 Orange dim, flashing (on FX3)

D1 Red on breakout board

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