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ADXL355 for Seismometer


I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

Our customer thinks to use ADXL355 to Seismometer.

Can he use ADXL355 to realize a seismometer of ±0.5mg accuracy width 200Hz bandwidth under 25±5degree?

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  • Thank you for posting your question in this forum and for your support of Analog Devices.  We certainly appreciate your partnership and will be happy to help you evaluate these requirements. 

    If we assume a single-pole filter, with a cut-off frequency of 200Hz, we can predict the total noise to be: 

    Noise = 20ug/sqrt(Hz) x (sqrt(1.6*200)) = 357ug (rms) = 0.357mg (rms)

    This means that it would be tough to support an absolute accuracy of +/-0.5mg, but it seems like this would enable detection of +/-0.5mg of motion.  Does that help? 

  • Hi 

    Thank you for your reply.

    Do you know if ADXL355 Noise(0.357mg) can be removed with a processor and a filter?

    Could you introduce the other accelerometer?

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