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ADIS16201 use with FX3 Sensor Evaluation Systems board

I have an ADIS 16201/PCB daughter board and an ADI FX3 Sensor Evaluation Systems board to test an ADIS 16201 accelerometer chip.  I do not see how to connect the two boards together with the provided 2x8 ribbon cable.  The 16201/PCB has two 2x6 connectors.

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  • Thank you, , for sharing this!  We are sorry about the confusion.  

    ADIS16201/PCBZ - J1-Pin1 connects to P3-Pin1, on the EVAL-ADIS-FX3.  This will cause the ribbon connector to have pins 13, 14, 15 and 16 NOT connected, on J1 (ADIS16201/PCBZ), since it only has 12 pins.  The following picture shows one of the ADIS16505x-x/PCBZ, but with some physical markers, for identifying the connection and expected, connector over-hang. 

    Does this help? 

  • Thank you very much - I had realized looking at the schematics for the 16201 and the FX3 that that was the solution.  The pictures didn't make it clear that there were other types of boards that would NOT look similiar.

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