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ADIS16495 Bust Mode problems


First post here and first time with ADIS16495.

At the moment we successfully managed the standard SPI communication reading PROD_ID, reading & writing FNCTIO_CTRL, reading & writing PAGE_ID, etc. without problems,
Now we need to use BURST Mode to read all the data when the Gyro send us DATA_READY with DIO2 signal.
The problem is that the received data is wrong. We receive 21 words like this:
0x0003 (NA)
0x0000 (it is correct)
0x2021 (BURST_ID must be 0xA5A5)

All data except for 0x2021 (that is WRONG) is 0x0003.
I've checked on oscilloscope and the data in microcontroller match the data signals on oscilloscope then is not a wrong read

Why Gyro send us wrong data?

SCLK is little more than 4MHz
Burst read is every 1.3 msec