ADXRS646-EP Datasheet Figure 6

Reference: Figure 6 of, ADXRS646-EP part datasheet.

We understand, Null Bias is ratio metric to Vratio input.

For Vratio of 6V, Null will be 3V(Typical). But in the graph (Vratio is mentioned as 5V) and Null bias is still 3V.

As per our understanding it should have been 2.5V


Vratio=5V is a TYPO in datasheet.

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  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for your response.

    On a similar note, is calibration possible for Sensitivity as well? (As we have variation in sensitivity also for sample to sample).

    Data sheet specifies +/- 3% over temperature. However, is there any Temperature coefficient (PPM) to calculate for a given range? (if requirement is beyond the range specified in Note3)

    Thanks & Regards