ADcmXL3021 single FFT record time with Teensy 4.1

We are using the ADcmXL3021 with the Teensy 4.1 microcontroller. We are currently reading the X_BUF, Y_BUF and Z_BUF registers with the following setup:

- SPI clock speed is set to 2MHz 

- Operating Mode: MFFT

- Window Setting: Hanning

- No decimation, No FIRs, No Null corrections

- 1 x FFT AVG record

To achieve the above settings, we set the following registers:

- REC_CTRL = 0x1100

- AVG_CNT = 0x00

- FFT_AVG1 = 0x11

We found that it takes 6.723 seconds with the above setup to create a single FFT record for all three axes. Can anyone give any indication if this is correct? Is there any way to increase the FFT readouts? 

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