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MEMS gyro ADXRS624 temperature compensation.


I am developing a product to sense slowly rotating spray arms on a Water Treatment site so that we can detect if they stop rotating.

I have a number of the Evaluation boards for the ADSRX612 which I am currently testing.

This seems like the best part for the job within reasonable price constraints !!

I am open to suggestions......

The initial offset error between SUMJ and RATEOUT seems quite high at about 160mV but that can be trimmed out.

I also measured a temperature drift of 65mV ( RATEOUT ) from 20 deg C to -20 deg C.

Does this seem reasonable ?

I hope to use the TEMP output to compensate for this.

As we are operating at speeds of only around 8 deg/s these offsets are a major limiting factor.

At the moment it looks to me like I will have to individually calibrate each sensor by measuring TEMP , SUMJ and RATEOUT over a range of points over the system operating temperature range of -20 to +40 deg C.

This will obviously be quite costly and time consuming and I was wondering if you have come across a simpler solution ?

Many thanks for any help or advice.

Regards , John Barr.