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ADIS16470 - exceeding 40 g


I am building a model rocket for an extracurricular project at my school and the rocket will peak at 60 (!) g of acceleration. I wanted to know if the behaviour of the ADIS16470 IMU or any other 40 g accelerometer for that matter was known after it has saturated. Once the acceleration reduces underneath its maximum of 40 g, does it behave normally? Or does it have a sort of bias that would need to be accounted for afterwards? I am currently torn between using this IMU as-is or rotating it to be angled to split the 60 g of acceleration evenly between all three axis and therefore bringing it under 40 g.

Additionally, if someone had any advice or could point me towards a better solution where I wouldn't run into this limit. Perhaps if another known IMU can handle the 60 g of acceleration, or if I would be better off using a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope triad separately.

Thank you!