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ADXL206 zero G shifting

I'm using an ADXL206 in a board to detect the orientation of it, it should operate up to 150°C.

I laid out two prototype boards and started a test up to 135°C, they worked fine for a couple of hours and then I noticed that on one board the X axis was showing a value close to 1.5g (the X axis should be 1g in this application).

I removed the board from the high temperature and tested it at room temperature and the reading was correct, replaced it in the oven and noticed that the second board was showing a value close to 1.5g on the X axis. I removed the second board and tested it at room temperature but has not shifted back.

The curious thing is that when rotated the ADXL206 will vary its output around 1.5g (1g to 2g) which indicates a 0g shift.

What can be causing this behavior? The ADXL06 has 5v as power and I'm buffering the outputs with a LTC2054 op-amp with a 0.47uF capacitor at the op-amp input, the ST is left open.

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for your use of ADXL206!
    Did you use a ramp for the oven temperature? 

    To help you better, could you please explain your setup regarding the temperature?

    The device is tested in a controlled…