ADXL362 FIFO writing time


I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

Our customer use ADXL362.

ODR of ADXL362 is 12.5Hz and FIFO is assigned 125bits.

INT1 is assigned Water Mark Bit (Register 0x2A=0x04).

The following picture shows 11.8 seconds of INT1 "L" period.

It only takes 10s(125x1/12.5) to write 125bits FIFO.

How many cycles does it take to start writing to next FIFO after clearing INT1("H " to "L")?

How many cycles does it take to assert INT1("L" to "H") after finishing to write 125bits FIFO?

Is there a possibility that the above time will change by about 1 second?

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