ADIS16465 SPI command, deltang_out and delvel_out


I'm using an STM32F3 controller to access the ADIS16465-2B.

The SPI clock is set at ~570Khz, and doing a burst read works fine, at least from the checksum and the values I'm reading out. The decimation register is set to 9 (Decimation factor 10), and I'm sampling at roughly 200Hz. After 20 samples, the data gets sent over USB to a PC.

I'm also trying to read the deltang_out and the deltvel_out registers for X, Y and Z. Unfortunately, the data I'm receiving on from those registers look suspiciously like the the accel_out and gyro_out data. My first question would be if the code is right, and I'm looking through that. Still, I'd like to ask if the timing and the way of reading those registers is correct.

Please find a snapshot of the data from the logic analyzer.

The time between each different read (after the burst has finished) is about 22us (between stop and start of the next). The addresses for the registers are specified as 0x26, 0x2A... all the way to 0x3A for deltang_out and deltvel_out registers. Last, there is a dummy read at the end to read out the last 16 bits. The nCS chip toggles between each read, and it all happens very well between the data_ready pulses (see below).

I'll still look for errors in my code, however, if you could point me in the right direction as to how to read those registers, I'd appreciate it.