ADXL362 start-up time


I refer below Q&As.

May I know maximum Power-up to Standby time? (only reference value)

I think these depend on internal clock and some analog dispersion.

Is 10ms enough after VS reach 1.8V(stable state)? (VS=1.8V and rise 1.8V/5ms)

Now we wait only 5ms(typ.) .

Some sample usually z-axis=1g but sometimes z-axis=0.2g in each Power-up.(repeating power on ⇔power off VS≒0V)

If Power-up time is 100ms, all samples always get z-axis=1g.

Power-up time improve this phenomenon. 


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    Oct 11, 2020 in reply to Jma +1 verified

    Hi ,

    Thank you for your post. Sorry for the delay in our reply. Even though the data sheet states that 5ms is the typical turn-on time for power-up to standby, this time may still increase depending…