ADcmXL3021 Questions

Hi, my customer has the following questions as shown below:

  1. On data sheet page 23 table 20, there are eight (0-7) options for AVG_CNT settings. Whereas on page 41 table 89, there are only seven (1-7) options. Which one is the right one?;
  2. He would like to do real time streaming measurement but with a sampling rate lower than 220 kSPS which is not available in RTS mode.
    1. Can he set MTC mode to behave like RTS mode but with lower sampling rate?
  3. On the sensor’s feature, it is said that 10 data records for each axis can be stored. Does it mean 10 x 4096 data per axis? How to retrieve the data which are stored in flash?
  4. On data sheet page 23 of ADcmCL3021 datasheet: "For MTC mode, the sampling rate is always 220 kSPS and......". However, in page 41 : in AVG_CNT, DECIMATION CONTROL says "......These sample rate settings only apply to MFFT, AFFT,and MTC mode.". It looks like contradictory , please kindly explain with examples.

Please kindly help to advise those questions above.

Thank you very much and have a blessed day!