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ADPD105 ambient light suppression

Is there any software about the problem of ADPD105 ambient light suppression?

  • Hi Jason,

    There is no software, because the architecture handles it. With short LED pulses and Bandpass filter, ADPD series devices suppress most of ambient light by itself with no need for additional ambient light rejection algorithm. Therefore, it is a built-in feature.  

    Meanwhile, if you could, please use ADPD4100 or ADPD1080. We're not recommending ADPD105 for new designs as it's a fairly old part.



  • excuse me.

    For the ambient light suppression part, I'm confused with the figure 27 in the datasheet of ADPD105.

    In this figure, the LED response has a relative negtive waveform part. Could you help me to know how this happen? 

    assuming that the ambient light exists, it will contribute a baseline, how to erase it in ADPD105?

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