ADXL343 Linux Driver

Hi All ,

Working on Interfacing ADXL343 with OMAPL138 using I2C .The Kernel version being used is 3.10.12 . The Requirement is to generate the Interrupt on the INT1 pin of the ASXL chipset if it senses some movement or vibrations.

The ADXL chipset is not generating any interrupt on INT1 currently. Need your support in getting this up. We are able to read and write to the registers in the chipset. Below mentioned log is configuration registers read from the device during the probe of ADXL.

We are currently using the adxl driver from /drivers/input/misc folder from kernel linux tree.
adxl da850_evm_i2c_devices[3].irq is : 135
i2c i2c-1: client [adxl34x] registered with bus id 1-0053
adxl34x 1-0053: probe
adxl34x 1-0053: ADXL I2C probe
adxl34x 1-0053: ac->irq IRQ is 135
adxl34x 1-0053: ADXL devid is 229
input: ADXL34x accelerometer as /devices/platform/i2c_davinci.1/i2c-1/1-0053/input/input0
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl OFSX reg read value is 6
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl OFSY reg read value is 249
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl OFSZ reg read value is 252
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl THRESH_ACT reg read value is 32
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl THRESH_INACT reg read value is 3
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl THRESH_FF reg read value is 12
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl TIME_FF reg read value is 6
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl ACT_INACT_CTL reg read value is 127
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl BW_RATE reg read value is 10
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl DATA_FORMAT reg read value is 11
adxl34x 1-0053: ADXL Map all INTs to INT1
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl INT_MAP reg read value is 0
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl ac->int_mask 248
adxl34x 1-0053: adxl INT_ENABLE reg read value is 28
i2c-core: driver [adxl34x] registered

Also below is the output observed when we do cat of below properties under /sys/devices/platform/i2c_davinci.1/i2c-1/1-0053

Cat calibrate

Cat position

Cat rate
Cat name