Configuring ADIS16228

I recently purchased the ADIS16228 device. I have it connected to the breakout board, which then connects to an Arduino UNO. I am reading out diagnostics from the device (over SPI), but I keep getting a value of 0xFFFF in DIAG_STAT register (the diagnostics register). This would indicate that all error flags are high. I have tried hard and soft resets, setting back to defaults, and other configuration setups. The DIAG_STAT register continues to hold 0xFFFF (or at least that is what I think I am reading out). Something does not seem "true" about this reading since two of the error flags are very much not likely to be true at the same time (one bit indicates that the supply voltage is above 3.625V and another bit indicates supply voltage is below 3.125V...somehow they are both true).

Perhaps I am doing something stupid, but if anyone has suggestions or has experienced this, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Let me know if I can supply any additional details of the setup.