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Software Reset for the ADXL345

I'm aware that the ADXL345 doesn't have a reset function as such.  (Although powering it down seems to work well, as long as you remember to drop the communication lines as well so it doesn't self-power through the protection diodes...)

But it should be possible to write to the individual registers to emulate a full reset.  I'm happy to do that myself, but it would seem likely that someone has already written such a function.

Do you have access to such a function?  Absent that, do you have any hints on what's required?

  • I can't answer your question any better than suggesting you could simply write all of the defaultt values to the registers.  It's a shame this thing doesn't have a reset pin.

    My question is related for sure though. If I hold the CS line high (inactive), does it filly reset the internal registers in the event that there was a corrupted data transmission?  To ask another way, is simply keeping the data lines quiet (inactive) and the CS high (inactive) at least *some form* of a reset? I've found that if the power is noisy coming up that I can't always communicate over SPI. Unfortunately my design doesn't allow for the processor powering down the ADXL.  :(