ADXL362 antialiasing filter


Please let me know your advice about below question of ADXL362 antialiasing fitler.


Datasheet says that ADXL362 includes Low-pass filter (antialiasing fitler) before .

The bandwidth of Low pass (antialias) filter  is ODR/2 or ODR/4 in the datasheet Rev.F P.4 Table.1.

Does this mean that  internal filter circuit before input of ADC is changed   by selecting ODR ?


Regarding to above question 1,   Please let me know  your advice about bandwidth using external clock.

I think that ODR of bandwidth equation (ODR/2 or ODR/4) means  ODRselected. (Datasheet Rev.F P.18 equation (3)).

Is my understainding correct ?

If we should use  ODRactual for estimation of bandwidth, please let me know your advice.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 21, 2020 9:45 PM

    Thanks for the question. For question one, you are correct that the internal filter circuitry/bandwidth changes over ODR setting. For question two, when external clock mode is selected, the ODR and corresponding bandwidth(ODR/2 or ODR/4) scales accordingly based on the actual input clock. Say your ODRactual is 80Hz based on the example on the Datasheet, then the filter bandwidth will be set to either 40Hz or 20Hz.