ADCMXL3021BMLZ issue

Dear EZ Sir:

                We had purchased ADCMXL3021BMLZ  and follow user guide( EVAL-ADCMXL KIT USER GUIDE and EVAL-ADCMXL KIT INSTALLATION GUIDE) to study some behavior for CbM application. We had some issue as ADCMXL3021BMLZ Can't through GUI to update register of ADCMXL3021 as below picture 1 and I had check FX3 driver in WIN10 , it look have no problem and it show "Analog Devices iSensor FX3 Demonstration Platform" as below picture 2 ,Then it still can't read or write register from ADCMXL3021 and GUI show a error message as below picture 3 , Then I tried to checked  device in WIN10  , while the device name became to "Cyprees FX3 USB Boot Loader Device" as below Picture 4  and the register still can't read and write. What can I do for ADCMXL3021BMLZ? Does FX3 board need to update F/W for ADCMXL3021? Does ADI have any suggestion to us? Thanks.

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Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4