ADXL362 FIFO buffer error?

We are using the ADXL362 for more than 5 years in our activity monitor

The ADXL362 in configured in STREAM MODE and externally triggered every 40 ms (= 25 Hz) .
The FIFO buffer of the ADXL362 is read after 25 external triggers.
This works fine. But now we sometimes detect duplicated ADXL (X,Y,Z) data blocks in our measured data.

We checked our embedded software (over and over again) but our internal buffers are smaller than the sizes of the detected duplicated data blocks. It looks like that for some reason the ADXL362 returns old already read data from his internal FIFO. The returned X,Y,Z values are approx 170 triggers old (170 * 3 = 510 values).

Is it possible that for some reason the FIFO buffer of the ADXL362 fails?

What can we do, please advise.