QR barcode on ADIS16460 - stored inside?


In a production setting, I want to ensure that a calibration table for each IMU actually matches the IMU installed. If a different IMU of the same type is installed, a warning/error is presented.

So I thought it would be a good idea to scan the QR barcode on the IMU and save this into an EEPROM, and somehow extract the same details from the IMU itself. I'm unsure if this is possible though. With one ADIS16460 I have here, the QR barcode reads "102218580184".

Polling the SERIAL_NUM register yields 0x07D1 or 2001, LOT_ID1  is 0x1924, LOT_ID2 is 0x120A . Is there any way these values can be used to evaluate if the QR barcode matches? If no, should I then just forget the QR barcode and instead store the SERIAL_NUM, LOT_ID1 and LOT_ID2 values in EEPROM for the IMU that is calibrated and compare with the readout during startup/configuration of the IMU?


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