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ADXL325 and ADXL326 acceleration difference


I am using ADXL326 EVK in my designs to measure the acceleration of an Actuator. For the verification, I tried to use the other accelerometer ADXL325 to get G peak values. Strangly observed totally different results.

As per the datasheets ADXL326 requires, Vp-p/2*57 and ADXL325 requires Vp-p/2*174 to get the G peak values.

In my system, using ADXL326 measured as 625mV p-p and ADXL325 measured as 1140 mV p-pso, the effective Gpeak values are 5.48 and 3.27 respectively.

Both the chips are operating with 3V supply.

Here are my questions:

Why I am seeing the different G peak values?

Is there any way I can measure 1G/2G/3G for calibration?

Do you recommend any system available in market to get the calibration?