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ADXL1001/1002 motion indication.

Dear Miss, Mister.

I'm confused about the axix of sensitivity of your ADXL1001/1002 product.

When moving the accelerometer in the "+" direction, should i have a positive signal at the output of it (pin 30)?

When i' m pointing the accelerometer with the "+" sign to the ground (1g) i'm measuring 2.12 V

At 0g, i have 2.09V

With "+" pointing to the sky, i have 2.06V.

But, when i move the accelerometer in the direction of the "+", i'm measuring a negative pulse on the scope.

Moving in the "-" direction gives a positive one.

I,m very confused with this because we also use ST accelerometers (LIS344 for example) and their indications matches with the accelerometer motion (moving to the "+" gives a positive pulse.

Maybe i'm misinterpretating the datasheet?

Looking forward for your answer.

Best regards.

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