ADIS16460: Gyro bias of cold-to-hot vs hot-to-cold question


A question of how one should interpret Figure 9 and 12 of the ADIS16460 data sheet:
One shows the gyro bias with std. dev over temperature when cycled cold to hot, while the other show when the sensor is cooling off from hot to cold.

The figures are nearly identical. Can one conclude that e.g. if a sensor has 0.12 deg/s offset at 0 deg. C when going from cold to hot, that it will be near the same value when going hot to cold? Or could this just as well be -0.07 deg/s, (i.e. no correlation )?

If the latter, and I want to characterize the sensor's offset over temperature, I would need two sets of compensations; one for cold-to-hot and another for hot-to-cold. Would it then be sufficient to look at a low pass filtered value of the sensor's temperature sensor to determine which sets of compensations to use? Does the rate of change of the temperature affect the offset?

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