ADIS 16460 32 bit

I'm trying to read 32 bits at 2048 Hz, out of all 6 sensors. I found that I can only read 9 times 16 bit, that means if I read 32 bit I only read 4.5 sensors and not all 6. When I try to read beyond the 9 times the 16 bit, I get on DR pin, errors and glitches. (Attached picture).
The only way I've been able to read all the 6 sensors at 32 bit is by slowing down the rate to 1024 Hz.
I meet all the requirements in terms of timing, and I have not seen a restriction in the data sheets.
 I would like if you could help me.
-i read data in single register mode.
-all the control registers are default.
2048HZ  DR PIN glitches frequently