Noise issue for ADXL1002

Dear Sir:

              We would like use ADXL1002 for vibration monitoring application and We have some issue as when we put the ADXL1002 on stationary desktop and there are some noise in frequency domain as below picture(green line is sample1 for X and red line is sample2 for Y),  Interestingly , different ADXL1002 have different frequency noise. Does ADI have some suggest to us?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 16, 2019 7:01 PM


    The pictures have very poor resolution and the axis labels are illegible. However, just by the look of it, it seems there are noise picked up somewhere on your signal chain. Either an EMI on your data line, or it might be the mechanical noise, fan of a laptop, loud sounds etc. Please note that the sensors are very sensitive and ultra low noise. This noise might be different on each axis, and might differ at different time if the source is time variant.  

    If the objective of this test is to measure noise spectral density, it needs to be performed in a place with proper mechanical/vibration/sound/em isolation.