adxl362 can read id but cannot read the acceleration datas?

The mcu is msp430f5137 from TI. The adxl362 module is a breakout from sparkfun.  Now, the id of adxl362 can be read. But the x,y,z data always 0.   I had tried to use the Arduino, and it can read the x,y,z data as the figure 1 shows, though the data is strange.


For the timing of SPI:

a. Sampling begin at the first edge.

b. polarity: output low when it is not active

c. clk speed 1MHz.

Also, I had double checked the wire, no problem.

So, here is the question.

Can the successful reading of device id prove that the wiring as well as the SPI configuration no problem?

According to my description, what might be the problem?

What measures should I take to find the problem?

Many thanks