EVAL-ADIS2 board external sync


I was wondering if it was possible to connect an external sync to the EVAL-ADIS2 board? I am hoping to drive a ADIS16465 in burst mode with an external sync. I know https://ez.analog.com/mems/f/q-a/90967/external-clock-with-adis16488-eval-adis2 mentions using the DIO pins on the onboard micro controller but I would like to use a separate function generator to drive the ADIS16465

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 30, 2019 3:18 PM in reply to gregf36665

    That is a great point! Sorry I didn't start with that perspective in mind.  The DIO1, DIO2, DIO3 and DIO4 distinctions come from the ADIS16375, ADIS1648x and ADIS1649x products.  Their input/output definition actually happens in the IMU products, not on the EVAL-ADIS2 board.  In your case, the only thing that matters is making sure that the DIO2 pin connects to J1, pin 14.  if so, then than e-hole provides you with a point of contact for your external clock, on the ADIS16465.  Hope that helps!