ADXL345 Sensitivity

Hi there,

I have some questions about ADXL345 sensitivity.

According to the datasheet,

sensitivity is specified :Min:3.5mg/LSB, Typ:3.9mg/LSB, Max:4.3mg/LSB(And it has about 10% errors from typ value)

and the Figure 16 shows the X-Aix Sensitivity at 25 degree, and the value could be  up to 3% changes. 

So my questions are following:

#1, I believe  Min/Max sensitivity values include temp variation over the operating temp. Am I correct?(I'm asking this just in case)

#2, Temp change is only ±0.01%/degree, so if the temp change 100 degree, it is only 1% error.

But sensitive Min/Max 10% errors looks bigger than the mix of temp error(1%) and initial erro(3% ) from fig16.

Is there any error factor is included?  or Inital sensitive erro could be bigger than Figre 16? 




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  • Thanks for the question. The min/max sensitivity 10% error is the factory calibration/trim error at 25 degreeC. For a single part, it's a fixed value. And you are right, the sensitivity temperature coefficient is ±0.01%/degree which can result in about 1% shift across the 100 degree change.

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