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ADXL355 High Pass Filter

When looking through the datasheet for the ADXL355 Rev. A, there seems to be an inconsistency for the high pass filter settings listed on pages 24 and the HPF register settings on page 37. On page 24, it lists the corner frequency of setting 110 as .0238 x 10^-4 x ODR. This would be .00000238

However, on page 37 under filter settings, it lists setting 110 as .238 * 10^-3 x ODR. This would be .000238 (two orders of magnitude different). It looks like someone moved a decimal point, and went the wrong way with the exponent.

So my question is, which one is correct? By the way, this issue is present in all the settings, I just picked setting 110 as an example. My assumption is that page 24 is correct, since some of the cutoff frequencies on page 37 don't really make sense for a HPF. 

Thank you.

  • Could we get an official clarification on this issue, please?

    Just to add to the confusion, there's actually a third incompatible indication of the HPF corner frequency in the datasheet - Figures 61 & 62 show a value that numerically matches the table on page 24, but the frequency axis of those graphs is labelled kHz instead of Hz, so the value actually differs by a factor of a thousand (and is still a factor of ten away from the page 37 table).