ADXL354 reading


This is my first time using adi product.

Sorry for asking you stupid quastions.. i have no one to ask..

I bought ADXL354 few days ago.Yesterday i tried to read numders from it but seems i did it wrong.


I connect 3 yellow dots to arduino pin as x y z,red dot to arduino 3.3v,black dot to arduino gnd.

Tried to read it by using analogRead in arduino IDE.

But seems it became short circuit,make board disconnect and reconnect to PC.

  • I changed to other board which won't disconnect.

    But when it connect to accelerometer,x,y,zout became 0.

    Wondering it have some setup step or something i did wrong..

  • You can find the problem in the datasheet of adxl354/355. Connect the Vddio to VDD, which is the "Digital Interface Supply Voltage".  

    STBY: Standby or Measurement Mode Selection Pin. Set this pin to ground to enter standby mode, or set this pin to VDDIO to enter measurement mode.

    RANGE: Range Selection Pin. Set this pin to ground to select the ±2 g range, or set this pin to VDDIO to select the ±4 g or ±8 g range. This pin is model dependent (see the Ordering Guide section).

    You cannot select the mode and range of adxl354 without vddio being supplied.