ADXL372: Instant On Issue

After reading the datasheet to determine the register with the following requirement

(1) FIFO is not used. Rely on DRDY to capture data via INT1. 

(2) Instant ON when exceeds 30G goes to measurement mode.

(3) 3200Hz ODR

(4) Filter to 1600Hz

(5) 16mSec settle time.

(6)  Measurement mode to churn out data using DRDY INT to load 3 axis data (3200Hz)

(7) I'm not interested in peak signal. 

ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_SRESET,0x52);            // Reset all register to default value
//ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_INT1_MAP,0x00);      // Disable all INT mapping //Reset set this to 0x00
ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_POWER_CTL,0x60);   // Put to standby mode. Filter are disabled.
ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_FIFO_CTL,0x00);        // FIFO disabled. //Reset set this to 0x00
//ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_HPF,0x00);                // HPF is disabled so not required. //Reset set this to 0x00
ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_TIMING,0x60);             // ODR = 3200Hz.
ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_MEASURE,0x03);        // Normal Noise, 1600Hz bandwidth.
ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_INT1_MAP,0x01);         // Map INT1 Pin to DRDY INT.
ADXL372_Write(ADI_ADXL372_POWER_CTL,0x62);    // Instant On Mode

Once it executes the last statement put the device into Instant On Mode, I get stream of INT1 (DRDY) signal which already run on measurement mode. 

The datasheet did not specify what to do with ACT/INCT/ACT2 filter setting and filter timing, what that should set to for this configuration. 

The Bit 2 and 3 of POWER_CRL in datasheet is not clear if 0 or 1 to disable digital high/low pass filter where filter-settle = 16mSec.

The threshold is 30G so it should not be affected by offset. 

grammer error.
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