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ADXL185B SPI communication


I have ADXL185B single axis (z-axis) sensor and msp430fr5739 microprocessor. I need to build SPI communication between them (msp430: master, ADXL185B: slave) with 3-wire SPI but I could not manage to put the sensor into configuration mode. As said in datasheet, I sent 0x51BC, 0x5143, 0xD100 and 0xD100 respectively but sensor never responed back. Also the datasheet is telling much about PSI5 v1.3 protocol but there is much less information about how to build SPI protocol. Even an SPI application circuit does not exist in the datasheet. Also in page 38 in the datasheet says that "SPI interface is not intended as primary communication port for the ADXL185B ...". Can you help me with the construction communication via SPI? At least help me with putting my sensor into configuration mode. In addition, I have also wonder how my application circuit looks like since msp430 IO's in 3.3V range and I do not know anything about ADXL185B IOs' voltage level. 

Any help will be appreciated.  


ADXL185B how to establish SPI communication
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