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ADIS16475 Direct Sync Mode and Pulse Sync Mode

In the description of Direct Sync Mode and Pulse Sync Mode on pages 26 and 27 of the ADIS16475 datasheet, the text only refers to "accelerometer samples"; the gyro is not mentioned. My question is: when does the gyro data acquisition take place? Can this also be set using an external clock? Will it occur at the same time as for the accelerometer?

Could you also clarify the sentence "Using pulse sync mode also lowers the bandwidth on the inertial sensors to 370Hz."? Is this because the maximum accelerometer sampling rate in pulse sync is equal to the output data rate (at most 2 kHz), while the maximum sampling rate in Direct Sync is twice the output data rate (so sampling at 4 kHz for the maximum output rate at 2 kHz), since the samples are averaged?

PS. Are there any libraries available for the ADIS16475?

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