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Adis16488 box properties


I have a question regarding the material used in adis16488 box, is the casing made of aluminium? And if I use metal screws to fix the box to pcb, do these screws affect the compass readings?


  • Thank you for your post and for your interest in the ADIS16488.  The ADIS16488 does not provide a compass output, but does measure the local magnetic fields.  Is that what you are referring to?  We suspect that you will need to characterize this in your specific application, as there may be numerous sources of hard and soft iron errors.  Perhaps it might help to measure a specific orientation, with and without the screws (that you propose to use)? Does this help? 

  • Yes I mean measuring earth magnetic field. I wanted to know if the bix itdelf can influence the true magnetic field.

  • Since the magnetometers in the ADIS16488xxxx are calibrated in the factory, all of the package effects are accounted for.  I would not anticipate the screws to have elevated risk, but characterizing the responses, in the specific system and environment is a prudent thing to do....but  not just because of the screws....there are lots of potential influences.  Even the power supply current/feed can impact this, so make sure to test this, in a configuration that closely reflects your final approach.  Hope that helps!