ADXRS810 Sensor data Read Problem

hello,I am a new in mems,I have some questions that I hope you could help me,thank you very much!

1.Spi's working mode is 0,I wrote the program based on FPGA, and this is my simulation of the timing diagram,The frequency is 4 MHZ

Is this sequence diagram correct

2.The original value I read was not 00000000,is1E ××××××

3.When I read the ID address, I sent ox80300,000 twice,is this command right?

4.When I read the sensor's rate , I sent ox20000000 twice,is this command right?

5.Data reading is unstable, and sometimes I turn the mems, and the data changes, and sometimes it doesn't change at all,The data in file data1 is obtained by rotating mems at rest and then at rest,The data in file data2 is obtained by rotating mems at rest ,almost nothing has changed,Has been a 1E1E

6.Is it possible to read data in case of initialization error

I hope you can give me some answers


  • Hellow

    I have similar problems communicating with the SPI interface of MCU, but I may help you with some problems.           

    1. Incorrect timing, each command contains 32 clock cycles           

    2. Power the power foot at the beginning of the communication.           

    3. The command should be 0x80180000           

    4. I think it is right.           

    5. I have encountered this situation myself. The output value of X-axis will not change at all.           

    6. I don't think the initial command response has anything to do with the data.           

    7. Expect ADI officials to come out and answer