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ADIS16488 - FIR filters wrong?


According to ADIS16488's datasheet, there are several FIR filter banks (A B C D) that we can use. However, when I empoyed filter A ('00'), the accelerometer data gets wrong scaling (instead of showing 1g it shows something like 4g). Appearantly, these filters have unit dc gain so why this happens? Where can I get the FIR coefficients from and upload them? maybe the coeffs are not correct. is it possible to restore back to factory programmed coefs?

Another question is concering what datasheet says about FIR filters on page 22: "....For example, turn to Page 3 (DIN = 0x8003), then write 0x0057 to FILTR_BNK_0...". I think this 0x0057 is wrong, I think it must be 0x002F if I'm right?

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