ADXL-375-M eval board install

I recently had trouble with this install, so wanted to post some comments on the box contents and clarifications for the manual so others don't need to go through what I did. 

In the box I found a CD and flash drive.  The CD contained labview runtime libs and the flash stick was supposed to contain the rest.  I found that the labview runtime libs on the CD just didn't work.  While the flash stick contained the 375 GUI, the USB driver was missing.

Overall, this is a very manual install consisting of several separate and disconnected operations.  The short list follows.

a.  Install labview runtime engine.  This engine is very specific to the GUI needs. 

b.  Install USB driver

c.  Reflash the mother board with hex file for 375 using the ARMWSD.exe

d.  Install 375 GUI

First, download the following files from the ftp site

ISEB_Run Time

If you have the wrong runtime, you will get an error saying the install is unable to locate the labVIEW Run-Time Engine. The GUI is very sensitive to run time version. 

When installing the USB driver, take note of the installed com port, you will need this later.

Regarding the motherboard reflash, the com port will likely require a manual selection, mine defaulted to com1, but I needed com34.  After the hex file is uploaded, go back to control panel, (Ports (COM and LPT) ), to make sure your com port is noted on the ADI Inertial Sensor Evaluation System.  Without the com port notation in control panel it won't work.

Once you open the GUI, it will be greyed out and you will need to select your com port in the lower left had corner and hit Connect.  Then the GUI comes alive and you can take data using the View Meas button in the lower right.