ADIS16210/PCBZ Documentation Error Online

Just a quick note, since a couple of you have found this and were kind enough to share this with me.  Thank you!  When the ADIS16210 was released, we provided a simple presentation on its web site, which was called "ADIS16210/PCBZ Prototyping Tips." This document provided some simple, "getting started" information for the ADIS16210/PCBZ. Unfortunately, the pin assignments for J1 were not correct on the document and it is still shows up on the top of a Google search on "ADIS16210/PCBZ" on the web. We are working on removing this link and on clearing it from the Google indexing, but are not sure how long this is going to take.  The bottom line is the appropriate place to find ADIS16210/PCBZ information, including J1 pin assignments, is on its evaluation tool page. On this page, you will a link to the ADIS16210/PCB Datasheet. The ADIS16210/PCB datasheet is contained within the ADIS16210 datasheet, on page 17:

Thank you all!