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Use of ADIS16405 IMU near permanent magnets?

I am currently in the process of picking the IMU to be used in a 1U CubeSat for the purpose of attitude determination. We are accomplishing this goal using the readings of earths magnetic field from the IMU's magnetometer, direction of the sun using sun sensors, and our location above the earth using GPS. We are controlling the attitude of our satellite using permanent magnets and hysteresis material to align us with earths magnetic field. My question is can the effect of the local magnetic field be calibrated out of our measurements and still get an accurate measure of earths magnetic field? Also the maximum operating range of the ADIS16405 is 2.5 Gauss and I am afraid the permanent magnets will put the sensor outside this range. Can the magnetometer be calibrated to be within its range or is it if the field experienced is too great the device stops working? Thank you 

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