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ADXL373 Full bandwidth measurement mode

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADXL373


I have chosen the ADXL373 since it can support up to +/-400g scale of impact, as per my requirement I have to read the impact data continuedly from the sensor 

as part of it, I have integrated it with a microcontroller via an SPI interface  

Initially, I have read the below registers successfully 

1.Address: 0x00, Reset: 0xAD, Name: DEVID_AD - Success

2.Address: 0x01, Reset: 0x1D, Name: DEVID_MST - Success

3.Address: 0x02, Reset: 0xFA, Name: PARTID - Success

After successfully reading the 3 above registers I reset the Accelerometer by writing code 0x52 to reset the device.

  1. Address: 0x41, Reset: 0x00, Name: RESET - Success

Then I have written the blow register with 

  1. Address: 0x3F, reset: 0x00, Name: POWER_CTL with Full bandwidth measurement mode and read back the registers and confirmed the register is set for Full bandwidth measurement mode

Now i have started reading the 

1.Address: 0x08, Reset: 0x00, Name: XDATA_H

  1. Address: 0x09, Reset: 0x00, Name: XDATA_L

But i am not getting the correct impact values so where am i missing?

As from the datasheet, it clears the XDATA_H &XDATA_L club and gets a 12-bit value how can I convert it to impact data both in the +Ve and -Ve Side 

If you have any procedure or flow to read or configure flow it will be highly helpful  I am using it at 10MHZ speed will it be fine or i have to reduce the communication speed please advice