ADXL345 on a magnet

Good morning, 

I'm using a ADXL345 for my project, its board is attached to a 30x2mm neodinium magnet with a non-conductive rigid glue. 

The sensor was brand new and working before attaching it to the magnet, now it's not. Facts: 

- by changing the orientation in space <x,y,z> of the sensor, the gravitational acceleration is not visible along the expected axis (not at all).

- the other digital registers I use (such as to adjust rate, sensitivity etc) are working as usual.

- the code I'm using is tested already on different "ADXL345"s, no problem

Do you have any idea why this setup is not working? My last theory regards possible damage from high shocks while attaching the magnet (and the sensor with it) on a metallic surface (even though 10'000g look unreachable, as per datasheet).

Thanks in advance