What are the channels on the EV-ProMW1001ARDZ?

Please tell me the analog, universal, thermocouple and digital channels.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 11, 2019 4:53 PM

    The ADMW1001 has 4 analog channels 2 universal and 2 thermocouple. There are also 3 digital channels and 2 I2C channels and 1 SPI channel. 

    Universal channels: There are 2 universal channels which can be used to interface to RTD, 4/6-Wire Bridge, thermistor and Diode sensor. These channels have excitation and measurement capability and share a comment RSENSE resistor to enable radiometric sampling.

    Thermocouple channels: There are two thermocouple channels. The share a common VBIAS used to bias the signal to midscale and also a comm TC_COM input. The channels can be used for custom voltage channels also.

    I2C channels: There is one single I2C bus allowing connection to two I2C sensors. Built in drivers allow rapid connectivity to any sensor available in the library. The ADMW1001 automatically adds the digital sensor to the measurement sequence. Current I2C sensors include Co2, Humidity and a Pressure, temperature and Humidity sensor in a single package.

    SPI: There is a single SPI channel used to interface to Analog devices ADXL362 accelerometers. More sensors will be enabled over time with firmware releases for the ADMW1001.