EV-ProMW1001ARDZ: Prototyping Tools

What prototyping tools are available for the EV-ProMW1001ARDZ?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 11, 2019 4:54 PM

    MeasureWare Designer: This is the online configuration tool for MeasureWare kits. Users select measurement types, enter their custom measurement parameters and can choose from a wide range fo sensor options. The output of MeasureWare Designer is a shopping backet with everything to develop a prototype and also a configuration file which is used in MeasureWare Lab to begin sampling.

    MeasureWare Lab: This is an online and offline measurement tool used in conjunction with the Pro board to configure and display measurements from the ADMW1001. The Configuration files generated in MeasureWare Designer are available when a user signs into MeasureWare Lab to download to the Hardware.  

    Hardware: The ADMW1001 will release with a the EV-PROMW1001ARDZ, this is the development board which can be used to interface the ADMW1001 to the full suite of Measureware online and offline tools to enable rapid prototyping.

    Sensor Boards: A Library of sensor boards are available from launch of the MeasureWare platform. This Library will continue to expand over time as measurement capability is enabled. Sensor options for larger range, better accuracy and ruggedized housing will be added over time.