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We need a RF Transceiver with following specifications

We are in the process of designing a system that requires transmission of data from a sensor nodes to receiver at processing node.Later on,the receiver node can send(transmit) certain commands/instructions to the sensor node.There will be multiple(say up to 60) sensor nodes at a time,simultaneously transmitting data to the receiver.Each transmitter will be assigned a specific channel and the receiver will identify the source of the data.The receiver node could be moving at some speed and signals could be Dopplerised. We need to achieve a range of about 15 kms,line of sight in 100% humid atmosphere.Antenna for transmitter will be a simple wire and Omni-directional. There will not be any gain at the antennae antenna.


  • Frequency Range : 160 Mhz to 175 Mhz
  • No. of channels:      60 for the receiver
  • No of channels for Tx : One
  • Data rate:                  minimum-225 kbps

Please suggest some multi channel transceiver for the application.