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Data clock pin direction on ADF7025

I want to connect a MCU to ADF7025 using SPI interface to send data to it and receive data from it.  According to specification for this purpose in ADF7025 are used two pins -  bidirectional  DATA I/O and unidirectional  DATA CLOCK which only inputs data clock -  this is shown on the block diagram (fig. 1 page 1 of the datasheet). However in table 4 of the same file is noticed that "in receive mode, the pin (DATA CLOCK) outputs the synchronized data clock. The positive clock edge is matched to the center of the received data" . I want to find out how this pin is actually used . Configuration of MCU I want to connect to ADF7025 on SPI depends on this pin. How should I set MCU as Master or Slave in receive and transmit mode of ADF7025? Which hardware configuration should I use for half duplex or full duplex spi as it is shown in specification (MISO and MOSI isolated using a diode)

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