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Question of ADRV9025 GPIO Setting API?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9025

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I would like to set the GPIO of ADI ADRV902x as shown in 2 and 3 below.


  1. Tx Path Enable / Disable

 - GPIO_4: Tx_0 Path Enable (Low)

 - GPIO_5: Tx_1 Path Enable (Low)

 - GPIO_6: Tx_2 Path Enable (Low)

 - GPIO_7: Tx_3 Path Enable (Low)


  1. Rx Path Enable / Disable

 - GPIO_10: Rx Path Enable (Low)


I wonder if the GPIO setting inquiry API is adi_adrv9025_GpioOutPinLevelGet, adi_adrv9025_GpioOutPinLevelSet or something else.
I'm also inquiring if there are any other missing procedures or API calls.

<Test  API result  -  adi_adrv9025_GpioOutPinLevelGet >

i try to below code. but the result is 0xa2cd (1010 0010 1100 1101), GPIO4, 5 is 0, GPIO6 and 7 is 1. It's doesn't read all 0.


    uint32_t gpio_out_pin_level = 0x7FFFF; // 0x00000-0x7FFFF(GPIO0-GPIO18)

    adi_adrv9025_GpioOutPinLevelGet(device, &gpio_out_pin_level);




    fprintf (stderr,"The enable status of gpio_out_pin_level = %08x\n", gpio_out_pin_level);


Best & Regards