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Writing Custom Modules to the ADF7023

Category: Software
Product Number: ADF7023

TLDR: How do I write and compile my own custom models to the ADF7023?

I purchased an evaluation module for the ADF7023 and started by messing around with the evaluation firmware, then, I noticed a feature for uploading custom modules to the the device itself. After going over the datasheet of the device, I couldn't find anywhere a description of how to write my own module, not the assembly to write the module in, how to compile it, and nor the original source code of the downloadable modules you provided as examples (image rejection calibration module or the AES encryption / decryption module). I am very interested in this feature for all kinds of projects I had in mind for the ADF7023 as it seems perfect for my need of writing efficient, custom RF protocols in assembly which is why I'd very like your help on the matter.

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  • Hi CreativeGiuseppe314,

    Creating custom modules isn't supported for the ADF7023. You may only download binary firmware modules provided by Analog Devices. These firmware modules are provided to extend the tested and guaranteed functionality of the ADF7023. Functionalities not in the datasheet are not supported.

    I'd suggest interfacing the ADF7023 and writing your code with your preferred host processor for your applications. Details on this could be found on the SPI INTERFACE section of the datasheet.