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Looking for alternative for AFE7950 TI ADC

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AFE7950 TI ADC

Dear Team,

I am looking for suitable alternative for AFE7950  TI  ADC/DAC AFE. Kindly help to suggest suitable alternative.

Thanks & Regards,

Chitta Ranjan Das

  • A snippet from this 2022 Analog Dialogue article

    (from page 3, left column, "Spectral Sensing in the Near Future" section):

    The MxFE ability to direct sample in the second Nyquist maxes out around 6 GHz. ADI’s next generation high speed digital data converters [3] will significantly extend this coverage, and the resulting benefits are enormous.

    The current-generation MxFE being referred to here is probably the AD9082. Since the AFE7950 has

    12 Ghz analog bandwidth, I'm assuming a 6 GHz replacement wouldn't work for you. However,  the

    reference [3] in the snippet is:

    “A 12-b 18-GS/s Sampling ADC with an Integrated Wideband Track-and-Hold Amplifier and Background Calibration.” ((link)

    which, by the title alone, seems to meet your analog bandwidth requirements and then some. Since

    that paper was published in 2020 and has working data from a test chip, and since the Analog Dialogue

    article seems to hint that a product is on the way ... I'll leave it an ADI employee to finish this thought.

    Another alternative is to use this technique in the article below to extend analog ADC bandwidth of the

    currently available 6 GHz MxFE: